Intel "Coffee Lake" 8-Gen

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    Ja bacio pogled na kalendar da vidim da nije 1. april :D
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    Intel today released its latest Graphics Driver for Windows (GDW). Version 15.60 WHQL (, which is applicable for integrated graphics embedded into 6th generation "Skylake," 7th generation "Kaby Lake," and 8th generation "Coffee Lake" processors. The drivers are WDDM 2.3 compliant (Windows 10 Fall Creators Update), and add support for Netflix HDR and YouTube HDR on Windows 10. The drivers also add support for 10-bpc (1.07 billion colors) displays over HDMI, and adds video decode hardware acceleration for several formats introduced after DirectX 12.

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    "In order to ensure a continuous supply of the Intel Core i5-8400 Processor, Intel Core i5-8600K Processor, Intel Core i7-8700 Processor, and Intel Core i7-8700K Processor listed in the ‘Products Affected’ Table below, Intel will be adding an additional manufacturing site for Assembly/Test. The new site is located in Chengdu, China. The new manufacturing site has been certified equivalent (form, fit, function, and reliability) for the affected products and technologies of this change."

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    Dzaba im kad imaju bug u zadnjim generacijama gdje omogućavaju hackeru da dobije elevated privileges... Intel, stock kaze Mon jaran nije Bugojno nego backdoor koji su ljudi provalili pa se sad vade...

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    "HP Caught Installing Spyware on Windows 10 PCs Without Permission"
    "I noticed that HP secretly installed the program “HP Touchpoint Analytics Client” on all my HP devices on November 20, 2017."
    "The program connects every day to HP. The files sent can be found under “Program Data/HP/HP Touchpoint Analytics Client/Transfer Interface”."

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    Sega mi bilo kako Trump zenta Intelov wafer pa reko da podijelim...

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    Ogleda se na njemu :D
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