Hardware upgrade {H910}

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    Da ne bih prevodio u nastavku su dva posta sa fujitsu support foruma, gde sam najpre pokusao da dobijem informacije. Imam laptop iz naslova, jos uvek za mene fina masina, graficka je nedavno otisla u svemir.
    Uglavnom, gledam da napravim neki upgrade, malo sam istrazivao, pa ako je neko rad da pruzi neke dodatne informacije, bio bih zahvlan.

    Hello to all. I'm looking for some advice about upgrading hardware (CPU&GPU) component on my Fujitsu H910. It needs a refreshment long time now.

    Current conf. is:
    i7-2920XM / Quadro 4000M / 16Gb

    I’m looking to upgrade to (nevermind the RAM):

    i7-2920XM 32nm -> 3940XM 22nm
    https://www.cpu-world.com/Compare_CPUs/ ... 700834406/

    Quadro 4000M 40nm -> Quadro P3000 Mobile 16nm
    or -> Quadro K5100M 28nm

    https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/q ... 100m.c2425
    https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/q ... bile.c2923

    Can someone tell me will there be some compatibility issues with new hardware, mostly GPU, CPU change should be possible.

    These two GPUs have same MXM bus, rated power is equal or smaller than the stock one, die sizes in both cases are smaller, but different generations, architecture. . .

    If it is possible, I will use hardware from donor laptops e.g. ZBook 17, m6800, m6700.

    Quadro P3000 Mobile would be an overkill even for 3940XM, but I use it for CAD so that’s fine, and could really benefit from newer version of CUDA e.g.

    Thanks in advance for response, sorry for the long post.

    Na ovo sam dobio odgovor da je prekinuta podrska za model, uz jos neko bzvz pisanije koje nije od koristi.

    drugi post:
    All these GPUs that I mentioned above have the same bus Interface: MXM-B (3.0) board size 82mmx105mm. That was a condition when narrowing choices that I have for upgrade from Quadro mobile famaly:

    https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/? ... generation

    Also, as I mentoned, conditions of energy consumption and chip die area where considered. Ram type is same on all - ddr5.

    I know that no one can tell me for sure that it will work in practice, but teoreticly with conditions above satisfied, difference in graphics processor architecture: Femi/40nm (stock), Kepler/28nm and Pascal/16nm shouldn't affect GPUs compatibility.

    What's the point of having changable MXM modules if we can't change them for newer generation arhitectures:)