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    zovem se Armin i radim za Appy Ventures, akcelerator i incubator iz Velike Britanije. Kompanija trenutno traži IT programere iz zemalja Zapadnog Balkana, određenih programskih jezika. Već smo reklame stavili na brojne stranice za zapošljavanje, međutim, kako je baš hitno odlučili smo da se izreklamiramo na forumima. Cilj nam je da se zaposle naši mladi i pametni ljudi i da dobiju baš dobre plate za posao koji rade. U pitanju je vrlo ozbiljan posao.

    Appy Ventures provided pay range

    This range is provided by Appy Ventures. Your actual pay will be based on your skills and experience — talk with your recruiter to learn more.

    Base pay range

    We're looking for an Eastern European based developer for a remote role with our fast growing company.

    Why apply

    Looking for a good job in a fun company building exciting startups? We offer flexible working, paid holidays, and bonuses related to business success.

    Work at your own pace

    We don’t believe that productivity is a 9 AM to 5 PM thing. It’s about owning tasks and projects whilst working as part of a remote team. We encourage our team to make time for experiences, friends and fun… and if you want to, to build your own venture.

    Live Where You Want

    We live and work as distributed teams from different time zones (based between UK and Easter Europe), and have optimised the business to do this with great results. So you can live and work just about wherever you want, only delivering results for the team matter.

    Enjoy your holidays

    Enjoy time with your family and friends, travel, discover and adventure (or game if you prefer). We offer 24 paid days during the year and have a relaxed policy around this - we’re all adults and as long as projects get delivered, it’s all good.

    Work With a Very Talented Team

    Our team counts numerous experts, smart young people with various talents, eager for new experiences, full of energy and enthusiasm, so we would like you to enjoy us and to contribute to our synergy. Be it UX, Conversion rate experts, talented engineers and commercial experts - we have it all in our quest to help our startup partner become successful.

    Work with awesome Client partners

    We’ve worked with major companies like Canon, Louis Vuitton or Ikea - but really prefer building, from the ground up, exciting startups. Some of our ex clients have now raised millions and grown into successful ventures. We also love working on purpose driven projects: a search engine donating it’s profits to ecological causes, a mental health AI driven learning platform and children communication charity for example…

    Yearly Company Retreats

    A key to making a remote team work well is culture - and as part of that, an annual in person catchup is a great way of getting to know each other, communicate, celebrate and share experience.

    Learn More and enrich your experience

    We promote a learning environment and we aren’t satisfied with our current level of knowledge. We encourage ourselves and every newcomer to learn more, adopt new knowledge, try new programming languages, and adopt innovations in existing and new technologies. We want to learn more, so tell us what you want to learn and we’ll help you.

    What will you do

    We are currently looking for a React Native or Flutter developer that will be working as part of a team of programmers across a variety of products.

    This is a full-time, fully remote role. As a React Native/Flutter developer, you will be responsible for creating extremely well-crafted front-end mobile applications in a way that is attractive and convenient for users. You will write resilient code that will be continuously tested, deployed and performed at scale.

    We nurture a can-do attitude in business and you would have to be well under pressure and be able to deliver to tight timescales. Additionally, you will be a leader within the team, actively improving overall software quality whilst also helping fellow team members

    Which skills will you bring to the team

    · React Native or Flutter experience

    · Extensive commercial experience in Development

    · 5 years experience developing iOS and Android apps

    · Good understanding of development best practices such as pair programming, test-driven environment, continuous integration and continuous delivery

    · Good understanding of/experience with CI tools and testing frameworks

    · Experience with optimising applications in areas such as performance, security and resilience

    · Ability and enthusiasm to push for new improvements across the code base and influence/learn from a large community of developers

    · Ability to help in coaching and mentoring junior members of the team

    Who we are

    Arguably an accelerator (of ideas) and an incubator (of businesses). Since 2012, we have been creating and building tech businesses with Entrepreneurs.

    We take a strong view on the Commercial side: how do we help our partners create successful, tech enabled businesses?

    This might mean advising them on user research, conversion rate optimisation, commercial model… or focusing in on how we can make the best tech solution to achieve their current aims. We work as trusted advisor, taking over the Product and Tech side of their business.

    How to apply

    If you’re still reading, well done, you’re awesome and you should definitely apply. Please use the apply button and fill out the form provided.

    We like to keep things simple so our hiring process is straight forward and fast:

    1. Submit an application form

    2. Answer 3 simple questions on VideoAsk

    3. 1-1 interview with our CEO

    4. Receive an offer