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    EA has announced that it’ll be launching a closed trial for its upcoming Project Atlas cloud streaming service tonight at 10PM PT / 1AM ET, allowing anyone with an EA Origin account to sign up and potentially gain access to a closed beta of EA’s in-progress cloud gaming service. The initial test will start tonight and run for two weeks.


    Announcing Project AtlasA vision for a cloud-native gaming future:


    A Learning Journey: Announcing EA’s Cloud Gaming Technical TrialChief Technology Officer Ken Moss shares EA’s vision for the future of cloud gaming


    We’re also testing a wide breadth of games and genres to be able to better understand how the streaming technology performs across each. From the visual fidelity for games that are known for stunning graphics and demanding rendering, to the uncompromised precision and accuracy which are so critical to multiplayer FPS games — all of this must perform seamlessly. As part of the external trial, players will get hands-on with four HD games, including FIFA 19, Titanfall 2, Need for Speed Rivals, and Unravel.

    Click the link below and Join EA Community Playtesting for a chance to be included in the upcoming EA Cloud Gaming Technical Trial. https://go.ea.com/cpt
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    Kakva ce internet konekcija trebati za igru u 1080p?
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    Kvaliteta videa ce vjerujem biti bolja nego na youtubeu, manja kompresija, ali je to i dalje video streaming.