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    Why HFM.NET?

    * So harlam, why did you build HFM.NET? - I wanted an application similar to FahMon but one that I had control over to be able to make it what I want for my own use. It's the common drive at the heart of every programmer.
    * Why did you build HFM using the .NET Framework? - Coding for the .NET Runtime (specifically in C#) is what I enjoy the most. I am a programmer by trade and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. The real spark that ignited the project is when I found David Rawling's implementation of FAHLogStats.NET. It was a perfect foundation to begin building upon as it gave me a head start with a good model to derive from. Most of HFM is based on his original code (and UI) and David deserves the credit for his work.

    HFM.NET Features

    * Quick and Easy View of all your [email protected] Clients and their current status.
    - PPD, PPD per processor MHz, Time per frame, Estimated time of arrival (completion), Completed & Failed WU counts.

    * Work Unit Benchmarking (Preliminary Support in Build 17).
    * Built to handle a large number of clients (85+ have been tested).
    * Automatic Project (Protein) Information Download from Stanford.
    * Log File Viewing for each client (with adjustable log window height).
    * Customizable Data Grid allowing the user to move, size, hide/show columns to their liking.
    * Website Generation that is completely customizable by the user through editing of xslt files.
    * Client Configuration Load, Save, & Save As... features. You're not locked into one set of viewable clients.
    * Import FahMon Configuration for easy migration.


    * HFM.NET is delivered as a standard Zip Archive. There is no installer. Unzip the file to any directory of your choosing and run.
    * Upgrading HFM to the latest release - When upgrading HFM, please take the new Zip file and extract it to the same location as your current install and overwrite the older files.

    - The user settings are tied to the location of the HFM.exe file. So if you move or otherwise rename any directory in the path to the HFM.exe file, you will lose your custom settings. Please choose your install location wisely, I recommend a very generic folder name like "\Program Files\HFM". Settings will also not follow the application from machine to machine. It is possible to transfer them and I will post instructions on how to do so at a later time.

    - If you have customized your xslt file (see HFM.NET Features above) then please be careful that you don't overwrite those files and lose your edits. The xml, xslt, and css files that comprise the website generation portion of HFM are likely to change in the future, but the release notes will speak to any compatibility issues with previous files at that time.

    Future Enhancements

    * Mono Support - HFM.NET will fire up using Mono on Linux. However, there are issues that need addressed as it crashes quite easily.
    - My goal with Mono Support is to have a single set of binaries that run on Microsoft .NET & Mono. This may or may not be possible, it will take some time to identify the issues.
    - If you are interested in helping me with Mono Support, please e-mail me at: harlam357 at gmail dot com.

    * Documentation - There is no official documentation yet. I will likely create a set of online Wiki documents that will be maintained only online and not delivered with the application.
    * Stats Display from EOC XML - The user will be able to see total user points, team points, user & team rank, etc. right in the HFM UI.

    Zvanicna web stranica i download: http://code.google.com/p/hfm-net/
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    fino programce :)
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