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  1. dmr

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    Slusaj album The Truth Hurts, masterpiece :)

  2. NAILS

    NAILS Veteran foruma

    Pro Pain je must. Nisam ih dugo slusao ali kako si ih linkao, sjetih se i Biohazard.

    00:00 Resist 02:44 Switchback
    06:17 Salvation
    10:14 End Of My Rope
    13:57 All For One
    17:49 Breakdown
    20:42 Inner Fear On
    24:09 Abandon In Place
    27:55 Skin
    31:23 Camouflage
    34:11 Decline
    37:56 Cycle Of Abuse
    42:49 Dogs Of War
    47:02 New World Disorder" (feat. Sticky Fingaz, Christian Olde Wolbers & Igor Cavalera)
  3. Stevie_Ray

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    Jao Pro-pain, to se slusalo prije 15 godina.
  4. dmr

    dmr Veteran foruma

    Ja prije 24 godine, fak :D
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  10. dmr

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    Jao koja obrada

  11. NAILS

    NAILS Veteran foruma

    Vinnie Paul has passed away.

  12. dmr

    dmr Veteran foruma

    Ja ba :( Zna li sta je, srce, droga?
  13. NAILS

    NAILS Veteran foruma

    Mislim da se jos ne zna.

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