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    Sad se ima kupiti ovo "GOTY" ili "XL" izdanje za $20 - svi updatei i DLC-ovi ukljuceni. To je dobar deal.
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    Nvidia Announces PhysX Support for PlayStation 4:

    Zar nije neophodno imati nvidia GPU da bi se PhysX ikako vrtio? :?
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    Pa taj komentar ja postavio odmah po predstavljanju killzone4 gameplaya. :)
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    Nije, može se izvršavati na svakom procesoru. Nvidia čipovi samo imaju hardversku podršku.
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    Samo nek' se industrija udalji od ubogog Havok-a. :)
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    Physx moze na svakom procesoru, samo sto je nvidia za desktop procesore to zakinula pa ide preko x87 instrukcija koje znaju samo jedan thread da iskoriste, i zato tako pateticne performanse kad nema nvidia gpu-a, znaci sve je do softwera.
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    Most of the actual news is from Greg Miller's tweets of the GDC PS4 conference.
    - The DualShock 4 will not have pressure sensitive buttons (unlike the PS2 and PS3).
    - The DualShock 4 Touchpad resolution is 1920x900.
    - The controller light-bar colors are the Player Numbers: 1-Blue, 2-Red, 3-Green, 4-Pink (like the PlayStation button colors). They also can be used for muzzle flashes, health bars, etc.
    - The PS4 raises your friends list limit.
    - For PS4/Vita Remote Play, the screens are always mirrored, so you can start at any time. There is no special mode required.
    - The GDDR5 bus is 256bit.
    - Your real name is not displayed by default unless you import from a social network.
    - 8 cores, 8 HW threads, 2MiB L2 cache per 4 core group, 32kib l1 I/D-cache
    - PlayStation Shader Language, very similar to HLSL, allows features beyond Direct X 11 and OpenGL 4.0
    - A long press of the 'Share' button takes a screenshot.
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    evo sta ocekivati od Unreal 4 enginea, btw, ovo se vrtilo real-time na jednoj 680 GTX u 1080p:

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    Ovo realtime?
    Bez video editinga i teškog fotošopiranja?
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    da, vise izvora je potvrdilo da je real time na Core i 7, 16 GB DDR3 & 680GTX @ 1080p. normalno, skriptirano je sve, nema racunanja AI i sl., al vrtilo se real-time.

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    Nekako mi previše fluidno. Nema opadanja framerate-a, nema aliasinga, sve savršeno.
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    PS4 UE4 demo:

    PC UE4 demo:

    Razlika je ocita u detaljima, DOF efektu, dimu i frame-rateu
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    Ne izgleda ni PC demo vise tako buduci da je osvjetljenje pojednostavljeno na svim platformama.
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    odkud to? jel to nije vise real-time GI?

    Global Illumination requires a totally new lighting pipeline. In a traditional game, all indirect lighting (light that is bounced from a surface) is calculated in advance and stored in textures called lightmaps. Lightmaps give game levels a GI-look but since they are pre-computed, they only work on static objects.In Unreal Engine 4, there are no pre-computed lightmaps. Instead, all lighting, direct and indirect, is computed in real-time for each frame. Instead of being stored in a 2D texture, they are stored in voxels. A voxel is a pixel in three dimensions. It has volume, hence the term "voxel."The voxels are organized in a tree structure to make them efficient to locate. When a pixel is rendered, it effectively asks the voxel tree "which voxels are visible to me?" Based on this information it determines the amount of indirect light (Global Illumination) it receives.The simple takeaway is this: UE4 completely eliminates pre-computed lighting. In its place, it uses voxels stored in a tree structure. This tree is updated per frame and all pixels use it to gather lighting information.]
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    Ukratko, proslogodisnji demo nije vise dobar pokazatelj UE4.