AMD Zen / Ryzen procesori

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    Otrese ih AMD kao slinu...

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    TSMC has confirmed that it has achieved High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) on its critical 7nm+ Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) process.

    "The N7+ volume production is one of the fastest on record. N7+, which began volume production in the second quarter of 2019, is matching yields similar to the original N7 process that has been in volume production for more than one year.N7+ is also providing improved overall performance.

    When compared to the N7 process, N7+ provides 15% to 20% more density and improved power consumption, making it an increasingly popular choice for the industry’s next-wave products. TSMC has been quickly deploying capacity to meet N7+ demand that is being driven by multiple customers.EUV technology enables TSMC to keep driving chip scaling as the shorter wavelength of EUV light is better able to print the nanometer-scale features of advanced technology designs.

    TSMC’s EUV tools have reached production maturity, with tool availability reaching target goals for high-volume production, and output power of greater than 250 watts for day-to-day operations. – TSMC"